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Fast Sudoku Solver in Haskell #1: A Simple Solution

Posted on June 28, 2018 by Abhinav Sarkar
Tags: haskell, sudoku, programming, puzzle
32 minute read

Sudoku is a number placement puzzle. It consists of a 9x9 grid which is to be filled with digits from 1 to 9. Some of the cells of the grid come pre-filled and the player has to fill the rest.

Haskell is a purely functional programming language. It is a good choice to solve Sudoku given the problem’s combinatorial nature. The aim of this series of posts is to write a fast Sudoku solver in Haskell. We’ll focus on both implementing the solution and making it efficient, step-by-step, starting with a slow but simple solution in this post1.

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Writing a Simple REST Web Service in PureScript - Part 1

Posted on September 29, 2017 by Abhinav Sarkar
Tags: purescript, REST, programming, nilenso
23 minute read

At Nilenso, we’ve been working with a client who has chosen PureScript as their primary programming language. Since I couldn’t find any canonical documentation on writing a web service in PureScript, I thought I’d jot down the approach that we took.

The aim of this two-part tutorial is to create a simple JSON REST web service written in PureScript, to run on a node.js server.

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