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I am Abhinav Sarkar. I'm a software engineer currently living in Bangalore, India. When not making software, I read books, play drums, take photos and ride my bike.

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I am Abhinav Sarkar. I’m a Software Engineer currently living in Bangalore, India. I currently work at Google. I’ve previously worked at Flipkart, Nilenso, Capillary Technologies and FICO. When not making software, I read books, play drums, listen to music and ride my bike.

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Recent Notes

short posts on miscellaneous topics.

Adding Mastodon Comments to a Website fediverseprogrammingindieweb 8🔁
An Ode to Bicycling personal 3🔁
Automating Mastodon Backups with NixOS and Syncthing self-hostingnixfediverseprogramming 6🔁
What I’m Doing Now
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My Reading Process personalobservations 2🔁
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Pulling missing context of replied toots in Mastodon fediverseprogramming 10🔁
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Recent Posts

Long-form posts on mostly programming related topics.

Implementing Co, a Small Language With Coroutines #3: Adding Coroutines programmingprogramming-languagesinterpretersconcurrencycontinuationshaskell 🕐 8💬 2🗣️ 10🔁
Writing a Static Site Generator Using Shake haskellprogrammingbuild-systems 🕐 0💬 3🗣️ 5🔁
Implementing Co, a Small Language With Coroutines #2: The Interpreter programmingprogramming-languagesinterpretershaskell 🕐 15💬 4🗣️ 7🔁
Implementing Co, a Small Language With Coroutines #1: The Parser programmingprogramming-languagesparsinghaskell 🕐 9💬 3🗣️ 4🔁
Solving Advent of Code “Handy Haversacks” in Type-level Haskell programmingtype-levelhaskell 🕐 0💬 2🗣️ 1🔁

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Recent Readings

Books I've recently read.

The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind's Greatest Invention — Guy Deutscher ★★★★★
Piranesi — Susanna Clarke ★★★★☆
Recursion — Blake Crouch ★★★☆☆
Tehanu (Earthsea Cycle, #4) — Ursula K. Le Guin ★★★★★
The Psychology of Money — Morgan Housel ★★★★☆

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