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I am Abhinav Sarkar. I'm a software engineer currently living in Bangalore, India. When not making software, I read books, play drums, take photos and ride my bike.

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JSON Parsing from Scratch in Haskell: Error Reporting

  • A forty-six minute read
  • 3 🗣️ 4 🔁

In the previous post we wrote a simple but correct JSON parser in Haskell. The parser was written very naively: if it failed, it returned nothing. You couldn’t tell what the failure was or where it happened. That’s OK for a toy parser but error reporting is an absolute must requirement for all good parsers. So in this post, we’ll add simple but useful error reporting capability to our JSON parser.

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JSON Parsing from Scratch in Haskell

  • A forty-two minute read
  • 11 🗣️ 20 🔁

JSON is probably the most used standard file format for storing and transmitting data on the internet in recent times. Though it was historically derived from JavaScript, it is a programming language independent format and is now supported by almost all languages. JSON has a simple syntax specification with only four scalar data types and two composite data types. So, writing a parser for JSON is a great exercise for learning the basics of parsing. Let’s write one from scratch in Haskell.

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Notes for ‘Thinking with Types: Type-level Programming in Haskell’, Chapters 1–5

  • A eighteen minute read
  • 5 🗣️ 9 🔁

Haskell—with its powerful type system—has a great support for type-level programming and it has gotten much better in the recent times with the new releases of the GHC compiler. But type-level programming remains a daunting topic even with seasoned haskellers. Thinking with Types: Type-level Programming in Haskell by Sandy Maguire is a book which attempts to fix that. I’ve taken some notes to summarize my understanding of the same.

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