About Me

I am Abhinav Sarkar. I’m a Software Engineer currently living in Bangalore, India. I currently work at Google. I’ve previously worked at Flipkart, nilenso software, Capillary Technologies and FICO. When not making software, I read books, play drums, listen to music and ride my bike.

Here are some talks and workshops I have presented in various conferences:

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About the Website

This is my personal website written and edited by me.

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The source of the website can be found on my github. The master branch contains the static website which is generated from the code and the content in the source branch.

The website is generated by a bespoke static website generator written using Shake. Staticman is used for the static comments support. Website styling is done with SCSS and interactivity is added using JQuery.

The website is served by an Nginx web server hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS, behind a Cloudflare proxy for caching. Builds are done automatically using a self-hosted Webhook instance.

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