About Me

I am Abhinav Sarkar, a software developer currently living in Bangalore, India. I work1,2 at Nilenso Software. When not making software3, I read books4, play drums, listen to music5 and ride6 my bike.

Here are some talks and workshops I have presented in various conferences:

  1. Moving People with Clojure - EuroClojure 2017, Berlin
  2. Introduction to Concurrency in Haskell - Functional Conf 2015, Bangalore
  3. A Slow (and Hopefully Heedful) Ride Through ReactJS and Flux - JSFoo 2015, Bangalore
  4. A Quick (and Hopefully Painless) Ride Through ReactJS - Meta Refresh 2015, Bangalore

You can get in touch with me over Twitter7 or .

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