What I’m Doing Now

I’m living in Bangalore, India and working at Flipkart.


I’m trying to get back into the habbit of reading technical (and non-technical) books. The year 2018 was quite bad in terms of reading; I was able to read only four books. This year I’m planning to devote more time to reading and finish at least ten books.


I’m training to run a half marathon for past couple of months. I’m yet to reach the 21km mark but I’m participating in few 10km runs to keep up the tempo.


I’m planning to write more programming focussed blog posts. The last post for my Fast Sudoku Solver in Haskell series and a few more are in pipeline.


I’m planning to teach various topics related to programming at public and non-public (at my workplace) workshops. I still need gather my thoughts around what I want to teach.

This is a “now page” which itemizes the work and other priorities that I’m concentrating on right now.
This page was last updated on Feb 11, 2019.