What I’m Doing Now

I’m living in Bangalore, India and working (from home) at Google.

Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, 2019.
Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, 2019.


I’ve been slowly working through Crafting Interpreters. I hope to finish the book sometime early this year (or late, I’ve lot track of the years now). I’ve been implementing the interpreters from the book in Haskell, and trying out different variations to learn various techniques. It’s taking a lot of my time but it feels very rewarding.

I read the classic PLT text book Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs for the second time and it made much more sense than before. I’m planning to pick up a more advanced compiler book after finishing it. As of now, my choice is Modern Compiler Implementation by Andrew Appel.

I also plan to learn a couple of low-level programming languages this year. I spent some time learning the basics of Zig, and enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I’ll try Rust next.


The year started well in reading and I finished a few books. Originally, I had planned to read 30 books this year but I’ve been spending a lot of time learning various things so that goal seems a little difficult to achieve now. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best.

Physical Activities

With the number of active COVID-19 cases in India going down and vaccines in sight, the normal life is resuming at last here. I’m hoping to get back to my running and cycling routines. I’ll also keep up the workout regime that I started last year. Spoke too soon. India is riding the second wave of COVID-19 now and I’ve not spend more than few hours outside in the last few months. I’ve just been doing my workouts at home these days, which, I must say, have been really good for my strength and flexibility.


I’m getting bored of my usual playlists and albums now. I’ve been hitting random playlists in Spotify to discover some new music. My latest discovery is 50s Doo-wop. Let’s see what else the twenties bring.


My wife and I are doing an MCU movies marathon. We also watched the new MCU TV shows; they were great. I found a couple of good animes to watch as well.

This is a “now page” which itemizes the work and other priorities that I’m concentrating on right now.
This page was last updated on Apr 17, 2021.