nix-managed-macbook nix
Nix + Home Manager based MacBook configuration haskell
The source for this website
AoC21 haskell
Solutions for
AoC20 haskell
Solutions for
precis bash
A minimal note taking app build over Github Pages
hastatic haskell docker
A tiny static content web server for Docker
ringo haskell
A tool to transform OLTP database schemas to OLAP database schemas
purescript-amqp purescript
An AMQP client
purescript-metrics purescript
A metrics library
hircarra haskell
An easy to use and extensible library to write IRC bots
hasdoku haskell
A fast sudoku solver
link haskell
A simple multi-threaded chat server
space docker
The setup files for my VPS
frpong clojurescript
Gravity Pong: A Pong game in browser with a twist
hs-json-parser haskell
A simple JSON parser written from scratch
rubyquiz haskell
Programming problems from
aoc18 haskell
Solutions for
algorist java
Solutions for the exercises in the book “The Algorithm Design Manual”
russell-norvig-ai-problems haskell
Solutions of problems from the “AI - A modern approach” book
digg-sidebar firefox
A Firefox extension to shows the Digg stories in real time in sidebar
clj_twitter_feelings clojure
Shows how people on twitter are feeling, in real-time
irc-search-bot clojure
An IRC search bot
irc-search scala
A search engine for IRC logs based on Lucene
marvin clojure
An IRC Zeitgeist bot
python-lastfm python
An interface to the web services API