What I’m Doing Now

I’m living in Bangalore, India and working at Google.

Marina Bay, Singapore, 2019.
Marina Bay, Singapore, 2019.


After working half way through Crafting Interpreters, I jumped on the Essentials of Compilation book, which—unlike the former book—is entirely practice based. Each chapter describes some theory and provides some hints, and the reader is supposed to write the code for the compiler. This has kept me very busy; I’ve spend over hundred hours in the last one year, writing the compiler from scratch in Haskell. The process though tedious, has been very enlightening and delightful. I’m about 70% through the book now.

After finishing Essentials of Compilation, I’m planning to pick up another compiler book to learn more advanced theory. As of now, my choice is Modern Compiler Implementation by Andrew Appel.

Physical Activities

After getting COVID in Jan 2022, and recovering from it, I finally stepped up my physical activities. I’ve running, swimming, and doing strength training regularly, and I’m glad to tell that I’m finally (slowly) bouncing back to my pre-pandemic levels.

Unfortunately, all of my free time is now consumed in writing the compiler and physical activities, and I’ve been unable to read books or write blog posts or find time for other hobbies. I hope this changes in the future.

This is a “now page” which itemizes the work and other priorities that I’m concentrating on right now.
This page was last updated on Jun 2, 2022.